Bathroom Remodels Are Changing

At one time, bathrooms were much smaller and more… well… utilitarian. The name “water closet” pretty much let you know you were heading into a tiny room with a specific purpose, and not to expect much.

With changes in design and technology, not to mention homeowner mindset, the once humble bathroom has now become one of the three most remodeled rooms in the modern home. Construction Dive breaks down what’s different today, and why bathroom remodels have gone from basic to custom jobs.

Bathrooms are taking on new importance in the home, regardless of their number or size, and each can be designed to shine.

According to the Census Bureau, 48 percent of all remodeling jobs last year focused on the bathroom! And people are investing more heavily into those renovations. The average range for a bathroom remodel is between $5,564 and $13,219, with the average cost at $9,381.

The guest or other bathroom is slightly more likely to be remodeled first. Many homeowners tend to leave the master bath until last because it is most often only seen by people living in the home.

Kids’ bathrooms are less likely to be juvenile in design these days, with more people opting for a room that will grow with their children. With modern, neutral elements making the room timeless, the only changes required as children age would be painting or updated accessories.

Likewise, homeowners are learning to anticipate their requirements if they plan to age-in-place.

One example of a popular trend that can also accommodate a wheelchair or walker later on is eliminating the shower dam to offer unobstructed passage between the bathroom floor and shower floor…

Grab bars that double as towel holders and shower seats are also good options to age-proof the bathroom.

And for those wondering what happened to the Jack-and-Jill bathrooms of decades past, Bishop said today’s remodelers often choose to close off one door or even separate the area into two distinct bathrooms, if the space is large enough.

What new bathroom design trends have you noticed or become interested in? Let us know in the comments!