Update the Bathroom to Increase Your Home’s Value!

Are you selling your home? Or thinking about it?

Many homeowners remodel the bathroom for their own comfort and enjoyment. But did you know…? Updating and staging your bathroom can add to the resale value of your house! We’ve got tips, via the Community Advocate, to help you make the small but smart changes that can really add up!

Because of their relatively small size in comparison to the rest of a home, bathrooms are often overlooked in the staging process, but for many buyers, it could be the most important room of all.

Start simple

Ditch the old shower curtain, and replace it with something that complements the room. Buy some fluffy, luxurious towels to make the room feel more comfortable and inviting.

Get a handle on it

Swap out your hardware. Everything from the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls to the fixtures themselves can be changed relatively quickly and inexpensively, whether you’re handy or not! And it’s an instant visual upgrade!

Accent pieces make a room

Throw in decorative accents of stone, tile, wood, or decorative glass. It could be just the thing to make your bathroom stand out in the memories of your potential buyers when they’re comparing homes.

Go green

Just not on the walls. Low-flow showerheads, dual-flush toilets and other water-saving upgrades will not only save you money, but the future homeowners as well.

Tackle the tub

Make the most of your bath and/or shower with updated fixtures. Consider whether you want an oversized shower in place of the tub, or a deeper soaking tub-and-shower combo.

Take another look

When buyers walk into a renovated bathroom that exudes quality and offers an intimate feel, it’s one of the top things that people will remember about a home.

Try to view your bathroom not as the same old room you’re in over and over all day, but from a fresh perspective. Make the room as inviting as possible, and let it help sell your home – at a higher final price!