More Bathroom Trends Buyers Hate!

We told you recently: Before you remodel your bathroom, ask yourself why you’re remodeling. It matters.

If you’re remodeling for your own convenience and pleasure, what’s most important is what you want. If you’re doing it for the purpose of selling your home, you’ll need to put some thought into what buyers like… and what they hate.

We’ve got more tips from on what to avoid.

Room-Devouring Bathtubs

Bathtubs are like cats. People seem to love them or hate them. There’s a recent trend to do away with the tub altogether in favor of large, luxurious showers. There’s also a current trend for stand-alone soaking tubs. And while shower people and bath people can’t seem to agree on which is better, almost everyone agrees that giant bathtubs are over.

OK, we’re exaggerating… a little.

But if you’ve ever walked into an 80’s or early 90’s bathroom and come face to face with a “garden tub”, you know what we mean. These things have STEPS to get into and out of them! Like a pool! And they take up some serious real estate, considering they’re usually in the smallest room in the house.

Medicine Cabinets

Open shelving is trending, and the bathroom is no exception. Storing small items can be easy with baskets or boxes on the shelves, and it looks nice.

If you’re planning a remodel, go for oversized framed mirrors over the sink with shelving on the side, and skip that bulky medicine cabinet.

On the plus side, this will also mean no more snoopy houseguests rooting through your medicine cabinet.

Statement Colors

There are a whole world of options between white and black. Choose your palette carefully if you’re hoping to sell.

Everyone’s taste is different. When you’re choosing paint colors, try to infuse a bit of personality without overdoing it.

And, yes… you can paint a new color over the old one. But extremely dark or bold colors can be a challenge to cover, making a transition frustrating. Choose soft neutrals, or muted colors. And if the bathroom already makes a statement with its color palette, consider repainting before you put your house on the market.


What do you think? Any design trends you hate (or love) that would influence you on a home purchase? Let us know in the comments!