Is Your Bathroom Clean?

We’ve told you before… your bathroom is disgusting.

Oh, it may look and smell lovely. But it’s a bathroom, and therefore it is disgusting and germ-ridden and potentially unhealthy by its very nature. (Unless you lock the door and refuse to let anyone use it.)

With that in mind, it’s not difficult to imagine that you could be missing things when you clean, without even realizing it. Toilet plumes are, unfortunately, a thing, and the bioaerosols they disperse are invisible.

Thankfully, we’ve got a few tips, via, on what you should give a thorough cleaning – and how.

The Toilet

Of course you scrub the bowl. Everyone does. But are you cleaning the rim, the handle, and the base of the toilet (especially important if there are males in the house)? A lot of people miss those. And still more people put the toilet brush back into its discreet holder without letting it dry properly.

The Shower

If you’re not using a squeegee in the shower, your bathroom isn’t as clean as it could be. And we don’t just mean on cleaning day, but every day after you get out. You’ll cut down on musty smells, and the moisture that breeds bacteria.

Also, most of us wash the shower curtain, but skip the liner itself. Throw it in the wash with some old towels! Not only will you remove some of the soapscum, you’ll cut back further on unpleasant odor.

Your Brushes

You can thank the toilet plumes for this one, too.

“A recent study from the University of Manchester found that the average toothbrush contained about 10 million germs, including E. coli,” reports RD.

If that doesn’t gross you out quite enough, consider this… those same germs are lurking in your hair brush. Every single time you run it through your hair, you’re depositing all those yummy bioaerosols through your lovely locks.


Yeah. On second thought, just burn the brushes and buy new.