Update Your Stale Bathroom!

Does your bathroom need a boost? Maybe not a total overhaul, but at least a little revamp? The answer is probably yes! We’ve got some simple ideas from Houzz via Fox News that can bring it up to date while keeping it comfortable!

Soften with stone

We know. Stone doesn’t exactly scream “soft!”, but neither does tile. Tile is practical, durable, aesthetically pleasing… and cold. Ceramic or porcelain tile even looks like it would be physically cold. Stone however, can be perceived as “earthy” and warm.

For that welcoming, “spa-like” look, nothing beats an element of stone tile. It looks beautiful and feels satisfying to the touch, while also being highly functional.

…I recommend having at least one area tiled floor to ceiling in some form of tile, with other walls bare, as opposed to having all of the walls tiled up to the same minimal height.

Find your niche

Or rather, find a spot to put a storage niche in your bathroom!

Adding a wall niche (which is often fairly simple with modern kits) creates a functional storage space that’s great for daily-use products like shampoo, soaps and creams. The open storage helps create a more relaxed vibe for an air of casual elegance.

If a niche is not an option, corner shelving can give you similar open storage that’s still tucked out of the way.

Don’t forget the feelz

We mean physical feels. Texture. Something to soften the room.

One key part of a design palette that sometimes gets overlooked is rich, inviting texture, and this element is especially easy to forget about in a bathroom space, with its many hard, glossy surfaces.

Think wicker baskets and fluffy towels.

Oh, that’s perfect. No towels, but plenty of wicker and fluffy. We’ll take three, please.