More Tips To Bring Your Bathroom Up To Date!

Not sure about your current bathroom style?

Somewhere between modern minimalist masterpieces and cozy country design we find the popular style of bathroom that manages to feel cool and up-to-date but also warm and welcoming.

Thankfully, there are some helpful hints, from Houzz via Fox News, that can help you find that middle ground!

Warm With Wood

We previously mentioned stone as an element to soften up the bathroom. Consider the combination of wood and stone, which is earthy and spa-like at the same time!

One of the best ways to add texture to a space is to introduce a healthy dose of wood through elements such as the vanity, shelving, furniture pieces (like an accent stool) or small accessories.

And while you need to be careful of real wood in the bathroom (at least for flooring) there are some amazing faux wood products available that give you the same comfortable look and feel, with no worry about rot.


While we’re on the subject of wood, we should mention furniture-style vanities. While sleek porcelain looks crisp and clean, it’s also cold. Get creative instead!

After all, almost any furniture item, from an antique chest of drawers to an old kitchen island cart, can be retrofitted to become a vanity as long as it is the right height and is sturdy enough to hold a sink.

If you’re not sure about the piece you’re considering, ask a craftsman or a decorator for input.

Mirror Mirror, On The Wall

While art in the bathroom is visually appealing, it’s hard on the actual work of art. Moisture and heat will lead to breakdown eventually. A unique, eye-catching mirror can offer a pleasing aesthetic while being of practical use!

Consider using a mirror in an engaging shape such as a circle or oval, or a traditional style with ornate curves, to play against the many right angles found in most bathrooms, creating a more relaxed appeal.


Can you think of tips that we – or Houzz – missed? Drop them in the comments and share!