Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious!

Bathrooms have evolved!

Once a room of pure necessity, the bathroom was so small and utilitarian it was known as a water closet. Through the years that has changed until the modern bath is a room of self care, a reflection of personal style, and sometimes a place of pure luxury.

If you want your bathroom to feel truly luxurious, we’ve got tips via Vogue to help!

Try to create a spa-like haven, a place to retreat by using high-quality… The addition of natural stone and timber creates a calming environment and is the ideal foundation.

Start with the atmosphere.

While white has long been the go-to color for bathrooms, darker colors tend to be warmer and more relaxing. If you’re color shy, try a medium neutral shade like gray or dark beige.

If you are looking for impact away from the classic aesthetic, choose dark colours for your bathware — this adds drama and sensuality to a normally predominately white space.

Consider different finishes for the hardware as well. While chrome and nickel have long held the most popular position, rose gold and brass tones are making a comeback and help to set the mood.

Dimmable lighting is a must, and allows for the use of beautiful candles to further enhance ambience.

Since it’s difficult to shave or apply makeup by candlelight, add in some directional lighting at the vanity. You want your bath to be stylish, but it needs to be functional as well. And while you’re focused on the vanity, consider your mirrors. Oversized, interesting mirrors are visually pleasing and add character.

In small spaces, large mirrors give an increased sense of space, and can be used to hide storage. Where storage is not an issue, mirrors with detail (beveling is simple yet effective) add visual interest and depth.

And one last tip… Upgrade your linens. Splurge on the biggest, fluffiest, most wonderful towels you can find. It’s an instant improvement you’ll appreciate every time you step out of the bath.