Tips and Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Cozy

OK… the bathroom probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think “cozy”. Heck, it may not even be in the top twenty. But that doesn’t mean with a little bit of ingenuity (and some help from and Pinterest), you can’t find a way to make the room seem – at the very least – more cozy than when you started!

Dare to close your eyes, and you might believe, just for a moment, that you are actually enveloped in that warm water—that those plants lining the shower, those fluffy towels, and those candles along the bath’s edge are yours. That the incredibly cozy bathrooms you’ve been perusing on Pinterest for the past however many minutes (ahem, hours) belong to you.

Invest in a statement curtain.

Shower curtains are the focal point of any bathroom, so a cute one is probably worth the splurge.

Another worthwhile (because it’s visible) upgrade is the bathroom mat. You need it anyway, why not make it cozy.

Turn up your towels.

Getting towels that are equal parts soft, absorbent, and aesthetically pleasing was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Having something plush to snuggle up in after a shower or bath makes the whole experience better.

Take it a step further by finding cute-but-functional storage for them!

Look around the house.

If you have a tiny piece of furniture you don’t know what to do with, try setting it next to your bathtub like an end table.

And while you’re raiding your other living spaces, bring some plants into the bathroom.

Invest in metals.

If you have a lot of metal happening, consider stocking up on the same style. You can invest in shelving, shower curtain rings, towel rods, and toilet paper holders that look the same—or at least similar enough to go together.

A uniform look will bring the room together, and make it feel planned.


Do you have any other ideas for cozying up your smallest room? Drop them in the comments!