Save Some Cash When You Remodel the Bathroom!

A bathroom remodel can add to your enjoyment of your home, and can give a nice return on your investment if you happen to sell… if you don’t break the bank! We’ve got tips, via The Inscriber Mag, on how to save money while still getting the wow factor out of your bathroom renovation!

According to a report from Remodeling Magazine, an average remodeling project costs around $10,500 while a full-scale remodel can go as high as $26,000. However, if you do the legwork yourself and just let your creative juice go wild, you can remodel your bathroom for as low as $1,000 to $3,000 – depending on the changes you want to make on the space.

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Make a plan… and then stick to it! Start with your ideas and your budget, and work until you have a happy meeting between the two. If you plan to use a designer, now is the time to get the team together.

Seek Professional Help

Before choosing your contractor, get referrals! And remember, sometimes negative referrals are as important as the positive ones. “Call Mr. X, he did a phenomenal job on my bath!” is useful information. On the flip side, so is “Listen, NEVER call Mr. Y because when you turn the shower knobs, the sink faucet starts running, and we STILL can’t figure out what he did wrong!”

Learn When To Leave Things Alone

Specifically, the plumbing. Every time you move pipes, it can cost you up to $5,000! Instead, work with the floor plan you already have, and fine tune it! You can change your sink without moving it, ditto the tub and toilet. And it will leave a lot more money in the budget for other changes!


And stay tuned… we’ve got more tips to save some cash when you remodel the bathroom coming up in the next blog!