Four Ways to Hack Your Bathroom Remodel and Save!

We talk a lot around here about bathroom remodeling (makes sense, since we are bathroom guys), and how you can save money during renovations. Today we have tips from Stacy K. Allen, via Real Simple, on ways to “hack” your bathroom remodel and get a custom look while saving money!

By hacking supplies from big box stores, making friends with the pros, and finding affordable alternatives to their favorite materials, they were able to get their dream kitchen and bathroom—while staying within their budget.

Start at the bottom

Instead of marble flooring, which can have prohibitive prices, opt for a ceramic tile with a marble look.

The finished look is every bit as luxurious as real marble, but it’s much more affordable—and it won’t stain as easily (which is a big plus in a home with kids and pets!).

If your style is more earthy, you can opt for a faux-wood tile over hardwood!

Get more from your store

Pass on the basic builder-grade materials which are functional but not always fashionable.

…Stacy used finds from IKEA as the “building blocks” for the design, and then she added a DIY touch.

You can customize store-bought cabinetry, countertops, and almost anything else you can imagine.

Seek professional help

If you find inspiration in a more expensive piece, look into having it made!

Even if you’re not an industrial designer, you can still reach out to a local welder, woodworker, or specialist in your area to get a cost estimate for a project you have in mind.

And if you install the finished piece yourself, you can save even more.

Learn to love leftovers

You may not be interested in leftovers hiding in the fridge, but when it comes to renovation you can cut costs by using up the extras.

In the open closet on the side of her new beautiful bathroom addition, Stacy decided to repurpose some leftover IKEA countertop into floating shelves. She was able to sneak in a little extra storage, and she didn’t have to shell out for brand-new shelves.


Can you think of any nifty ideas to “hack” a remodel? Leave your suggestion in the comments!