Something New In Bathroom Style!

Some of the most popular trends in bathroom style have been lingering for awhile… with good reason, for the most part. The cozy sanctuary of a spa bath is well-loved by many. Classic white and subway tile are almost timeless. Even Asian-style carries on world-wide.

But there is something new on the horizon when it comes to vanities, and has the details!

Dark, moody palettes are the latest direction in bathroom vanities, marking a dramatic departure from the light, pared-back Scandinavian minimalism that has dominated interiors in recent years.

While rich metals like cast-iron and oil-rubbed bronze remain trendy, they’re now being mixed with natural stone finishes and dark timber.

Tempering this masculine aesthetic is a preference for soft curves and organic shapes, such as ovals and circles, incorporated through features such as sinks, mirrors and cabinetry handles.

Rich textures, deep colors, and even moody lighting are replacing some of the bright, airy baths we’ve seen in modern style.

Bathrooms are a lot more dramatic looking, with possible pops of colour in the towels. There’s still a place for light-filled Scandinavian minimalism, but it’s more textured and layered.

Done right, this new bathroom style is tranquil and relaxing. Colors like deep green, charcoal and chocolate are being highlighted with frosted or tinted glass, and etched or embossed metals are making an appearance.

It will be a big change for some, and not everyone’s cup of tea at all, but we’re looking forward to seeing more of this somber trend in bathrooms. If only for a change of scenery.