The Good and Bad in Bathroom Trends

When it’s time to remodel your bathroom, the choices before you will seem limitless… and sometimes intimidation. We’ve got a list of trends, via Daily Herald, that are rising and look to last. And there a couple whose days should be numbered.

Spa style remains popular

Since their emergence on the scene, spa bathrooms have remained a top choice. And you don’t need an enormous space or a garden tub full of cash.

“Even in a small bathroom, this can include aromatherapy, ambient lighting, and subtle background music.”

Get the blues

The go-to bathroom palette has long been white on white on white, and recently neutrals began to grow in popularity. Now color is making a comeback.

Besides neutrals, blue is the most popular color for bathroom vanities right now…

“I’m seeing blues ranging from bright and saturated to almost gray.”

Mix your metals

Traditionally, hardware is kept to one metal finish in the bathroom. A more contemporary look is mixed.

Some combos to try: nickel plumbing fixtures and oil-rubbed-bronze hardware, or polished chrome and brass.

To give the room a cohesive look when you have more than one finish, create harmony by choosing fixtures in the same style.

There are also a couple of trends that are on their way out (or should be).

Avoid themes

Cute in theory, and even – in the beginning – in practice, there is one universal truth about a themed bathroom. It will get old.

Caribbean or retro are examples of styles that can be fun, but when overdone, tire easily and can be pricey to change, especially if fixtures are involved… Instead, use just a few elements from a theme that wouldn’t require a full-on remodel two or three years down the road.

Don’t trash the tub

Oversized showers are hugely popular with good reason. But the trend of completely ditching the bathtub not so much.

It’s an especially risky move if future buyers may be parents with small children — for them, no tub to bathe their kids in may be a deal breaker.