Drag Your Bathroom Into The Modern Era

Is your bathroom showing its age? Is it so far out of style that it’s almost (but not quite) retro? We’ve got tips from the Shreveport Times to drag it (kicking and screaming if necessary) into the modern style!

Retire the Tile

Square, four by four bathroom tiles definitely show the age of your bathroom.

And chances are good that the color is Mamie pink (named for First Lady Mamie Eisenhower) or an off-color of blue, yellow, green or brown that was the “rage” way back when.

Keep tiles as an accent when possible, and get away from all that grout.

Consider Your Counters

Does your formica countertop make your bathroom look tired? Look into modern options.

A slab of granite or quartz on the vanity countertop can become the centerpiece of your bathroom.

To make the room look larger, paint the cabinetry beneath white or another light shade.

Upgrade the Throne

Even with regular cleaning, years of hard water can leave a toilet looking dingy. Consider replacing it!

A new toilet not only will look nicer in your freshly remodeled master bath than your stained, scratched older model, but you’ll have the chance to buy a taller one that’s easier on the legs and back.

You can even go all out and opt for a self-cleaning toilet!

Look Into Lighting

The lighting style in a bathroom dates in more accurately (and less flatteringly) than almost any other feature.

Boxy light fixtures concealing harsh fluorescent bulbs over the vanity mirror were popular mid-century, but that look is no longer stylish, and fluorescent fixtures aren’t flattering to the person looking in the mirror.

An up-to-date light fixture is an instant improvement in the bath.


Do you have a bathroom that’s dated and dull? Let us know if any of these suggestions helped you!