Hot Bathroom Trends Coming In 2019!

If you’re one of those people who gets irritated seeing Christmas on the shelves in October, you’re probably going to want to skip right past this. With summer 2018 still in full swing, is talking about 2019!

While we hate to see candy canes next to Halloween candy as much as the next person, we do like to keep up with bathroom trends! So here’s a list of some hot bathroom style trends for the upcoming year. (At least it gives you plenty of time to plan and shop!)

When it comes to renovating a bathroom, practicality can get in the way of style. But for 2019, efficiency meets old-school luxury and sees the bathroom transform into the ultimate stylish wellness zone.

Let there be light!

In the bathroom as everywhere else, lighting makes all the difference. And don’t sacrifice form for function! Look for statement lighting that accentuates your style.

You will look your best and worst in this room, so make sure you can adjust accordingly… In a small space, back-lit mirrors, under-shelf lighting and wall-mounted pendants make for effective but inconspicuous task lighting.

Embrace new colors!

White on white has long been the go to for bathrooms, with soft color tones recently moving in along as a part of the trend toward spa style. Now 2019 brings a new feel to the bath.

With the desire for a return to nature stronger than ever, green in all its nuances continues to dominate.

And more of the same!

Speaking of returning to nature, bring a little nature right into the bathroom.

…greenery in the form of potted plants and palms are a beautiful choice combined with next year’s more decorative aesthetic and unique decor.


Stay tuned for more hot bathroom style trends coming in 2019! And let us know if there are any you’re hoping to see! (Or what you’re hoping will go away forever!)