More Hot Bathroom Trends Coming In 2019!

In the spirit of Christmas-music-at-the-mall-in-October, we’ve been sharing a list of bathroom design trends expected to reign in 2019! has peered into their crystal ball and brought us a vision of styles to come!

When it comes to renovating a bathroom, practicality can get in the way of style. But for 2019, efficiency meets old-school luxury and sees the bathroom transform into the ultimate stylish wellness zone.

Overall styles are changing!

The pendulum has swung and minimalist, Scandinavian style will be overshadowed by a more ornate and decorative feel.

“Antiques are back… It makes for a more obscure curated interior, which is harder to achieve but incredibly effective.”

The bathtub is also back!

Or rather, it will be. You know… next year.

In 2019, we will be soaking in a stand-alone tub, be it a high-design vessel or a classic claw-foot in marble, terrazzo or tiles.

Get ready to share!

His-and-hers is vanity sinks are practical but dated, and the trend is moving elsewhere.

“The sleek double-trough basin is practical and beautiful and a trend with real longevity,” says Chamberlain.

Go natural!

Natural stone – as opposed to tile – will be in big demand next season.

2019 is all about coloured marbles… It doesn’t need to be applied to permanent fittings. Get creative, introducing beautiful coloured marble in the form of bathroom accessories like trays and soap dishes. It makes it an affordable trend.

You can warm stone by accenting it with natural wood for an even more earthy vibe.

Get Smart!

Everything in the home is getting smarter, and bathroom tech is speeding along like everything else, with most of it geared toward comfort. Think mood lighting, smart showers, and more.

Bathrooms today are an experience… It should feel like a day spa rather than a quick task to get done. Nothing feels more luxurious than controlling your experience without having to lift a finger.


It’s a lot to look forward to in 2019! Which styles are you most likely to try? Let us know in the comments!