Bathrooms Have Passed Kitchens In Remodel Popularity

Kitchens and bathrooms have long been the most popular home renovation projects, but recently bathrooms have surpassed kitchens in the redo department. We have some of the details, via Digby Courier.

“Many people chose to renovate their kitchens over the past 20 years — so it makes sense that the bathroom renovation craze is next,” says Carolyn DiCarlo, architectural designer with New York City-based CD Build, Inc.

A quarter of homeowners surveyed are planning some level of bath remodel over the next year, as compared to fifteen percent who plan to work on the kitchen. And there are good reasons. For starters, a bathroom upgrade is less disruptive to the household. (Unless, of course, you only have one bathroom.)

Furthermore, bathrooms are deemed worthier of investment today because they’re increasingly viewed as private sanctuaries where you can pamper yourself — unlike the utilitarian kitchen.

Bathroom remodels also tend to cost significantly less than kitchen renovations. HomeAdvisor reports that the national average for the bathroom is is currently $9,755, compared to $22,292 for the kitchen. But you don’t always get back what you put into it.

According to Remodeling magazine’s 2018 Cost Vs. Value Report, a midrange bathroom remodel recoups 70.1 per cent of its cost, on average, compared to only 59 per cent for a midrange major kitchen remodel.

If you are planning to sell, a bathroom remodel is an even better investment. A dated, unwelcoming bath can drive potential buyers away… or lower your price as they bargain with their own future remodel in mind.

DiCarlo insists that putting your money into a modernized lavatory is well worth it.

“Any capital improvement to a bathroom, if done well, will probably translate to higher resale value,” she says.

And if you’re not selling, you can consider it an investment into your own future enjoyment of the room and your home.