Bathroom Projects You Should Leave to the Pros!

With the number of DIY home improvement channels and programs, you might start to believe that there’s nothing you can’t do in your home!!

You would be wrong.

Even if you’re relatively handy, there are some home improvement projects that are better off left to the professionals. We’ve got a list from!

Structural Changes

Swapping out a toilet might be within your purview, even if you’ve got no experience. It’s a relatively simple case of moving an item and replacing it with a nearly identical item. Beyond that? Punt.

Moving a shower? Taking down a wall? Changing up the layout of the bathroom? A pro contractor can walk you through important considerations, like whether your bathroom is equipped to handle a double vanity or how tall your new shower should be.

Installing Tile

While tile itself is often inexpensive, having it installed can cost you a great deal. Because of that, it’s very tempting to try your hand at DIY. Resist that temptation.

If you do a sloppy DIY job, your morning showers will go from relaxing to remorseful as you face your crooked Carrara and shoddy craftsmanship each day.

Electrical Work

Electrical work doesn’t look too intimidating… but looks can be deceiving.

This one is a matter of safety: “If an electrical switch was not installed correctly and poses a fire risk, it’s unlikely a homeowner would be able to tell,” says Jesse Fowler, founder of Tellus Design + Build in Costa Mesa, CA.

In a room with as much water as the bathroom, you do not want to fool with improperly installed electrical wiring. It could literally be a matter of life and death!


So go ahead and try that paint technique you saw in the dining room! Install shiplap walls in the mudroom! When it comes to home improvement, knowck yourself out…

In the rest of your house.

And leave these bathroom projects to the pros!