Age In Place With Senior Safe Bathroom!

Many homeowners are now planning home and bath remodeling projects around their long-term future. More people are opting to age in place, remaining independent in their home and lifestyle throughout their senior years. Common upgrades now include ways to make your bathroom senior safe, and we’ve got some tips from!

Consider Converting

With declining mobility, bathtubs can be difficult for seniors to get in and out of safely. Consider converting to a no-threshold shower instead.

For showers, the best choice is a roll-in shower that allows someone in a wheelchair to get into the shower without getting out of their chair. A shower seat is also a good option.

Provide Support

Bathroom accidents are high among seniors because of the many wet, slippery surfaces. Grab bars are absolutely necessary for aging at home.

Install a bar vertically near the entrance to the tub for support getting in and out of the tub or shower.

Add grab bars along the back and side walls to provide support while the person is standing on the wet surfaces.

Do not rely on a towel bar to hold in an emergency. It won’t. Although there are stylish grab bars which double as towels bars that you could use for dual purpose.

Think About Fixtures

A hand-held shower head offers the most flexibility and the ability to shower while seated. And change out all rounded knobs. Lever-shaped sink and bathtub handles are easier for people with reduced mobility to grasp and use.

Replace a standard faucet with one that has an anti-scald valve. These maintain the temperature of the water when the water pressure changes, preventing the user from getting burned…

Store Safely

Rethink your storage system, with an eye toward keeping the things you need most at a reachable height. And minimize the amount of unnecessary risk around wet surfaces.

Plan for accessible shower or tub shelf storage so that shampoo and soap are within easy reach.

With prior planning, aging in place is a safe and popular option for seniors. Do you have any tips or advice on making the bathroom safe and efficient? Let us know in the comments!