More Bathroom Trivia

Trivia is the kind of thing some folks read in the bathroom… but we’re bringing you trivia about the bathroom!

American Standard conducted a survey. They asked 1,200 consumers from 18-65 about their time spent “behind the shower curtain“. The responses they received were interesting and amusing. Check it out.


Hands to Yourself

Almost 1 in 4 people admitted to sneakily trying bath products… while in someone else’s bathroom!


Shower Serenades


More people sing in the shower than the bathtub. (Showers have great acoustics, by the way!) 89% more, according to the survey! And 44% more women than men admit to the habit.

Double Duty

A whopping 53% of respondents admit to peeing in the shower! (We don’t know how many actually do this, only that 53% fessed up!)

Serious About Selfies


As opposed to folks who get a bath, shower users were 57% more likely to take a selfie in the shower at least once a week.

Get Clean While You Clean

Almost half of those asked have cleaned the shower naked. 41% more women than men do so… or maybe it’s just that more women are the ones cleaning the shower!

Home Office


More bathers than shower users admit to checking email, texts or otherwise reading while they bathe. And fully one in seven respondents admits to having participated in a conference or other work call while in the tub!

Forget Something?

73% of shower users and 65% of tub bathers have forgotten something – bath mitt, new bar of soap, whatever – before getting into the shower or bath. (We’d have raised that percentage, had they asked us. Just saying.)

Wax Floats, Right?

Bathtub and Candles --- Image by © Tim Pannell/Corbis

Those who prefer a soak in the tub say that candles are the single non-bathing item most likely to be used in their tub.

Sleep Tight

About 26% of those who prefer a bath say they can’t get a good night’s sleep without a bath to relax first.

Clean Hair, Don’t Care


The most customary bathing item found in the bath (70%) AND shower (86%) is still shampoo. No need to ask why… just look how good clean hair feels!

So what do you think? Do you fall in with the majority on these? (Or the ones you’ll admit to?) We’ll confess to the shampoo and the shower singing. Oh, and the forgetting thing… which we almost forgot.