GLAM Up Your Bathroom!

Maybe the word “glamorous” doesn’t come to mind when you think of the bathroom… But it could!

While we never really considered whether our bathroom was glam, and whether to be sad about that, AOL Lifestyle has an article offering tips to bring a little pizzazz to the potty.


Now, we’re not sold at having what looks like Kanye’s wife watching us in our most private space… but the room is pretty. And if your bathroom looks a little humdrum in comparison, here are those tips we mentioned.

Hang a Chandelier

Lighting makes such a big difference in any room. And in the bathroom, a chandelier has the added bonus of making a small space seem bigger. Plus, it looks classy just hanging there.

Raise Your Curtains

By hanging the curtain rod a foot above the windows, and using longer curtains, you can create the optical illusion of larger windows. (This trick actually works great in any room of your house.)

Bigger Isn’t Better

Small tiles, especially in a small room, look more chic and elegant.

Change Your Hardware

Cheap hardware, rusty or permanently cloudy hardware, plastic hardware with silver paint… all of these affect the overall look and feel of the room. Out with the old, and in with the new! And fortunately, we can help with that!

Add a Shower Bench

This is the only one we’re not sure we can agree with. AOL advises, “If your shower currently doesn’t have this you can actually build it yourself! With a few wood working skills, installing some matching tiles, and smothering with grout, you can spice up the price of your home for having a luxury add-on such as this.”

We really think this is the kind of DIY project that could end up the stuff of nightmares. Throw some wood in your shower and slap some grout on it? We’d rather you give us a call if you’re seriously considering a tub or shower makeover. We’re happy to help you through it, and we promise a better than DIY result.

Just keep in mind if you decided to bring a little glamour to the bathroom, there’s glam… and there’s full Liberace.

Liberace in the bath

Don’t go full Liberace. (Really. Only he could pull that off.)

Got any tips for bathroom glam? Drop them in the comments!