Bring a Little Christmas Cheer Into the Bathroom!

When it comes to Christmas decorations, everyone has their own preferences. Some like traditional and understated, and some make Clark Griswold look like the Grinch! But whatever level of Christmas cheer you’re spreading around this year, don’t forget to bring some into the bathroom – especially since this is the time of year when most of us entertain guests!

We’ve got tips via The Spruce!

Have a GREEN Christmas!

If your bathroom is large enough, consider a small evergreen tree!

You can make a mini-version of your main tree in the living room, or give the bathroom a theme of its own.

If not, try a wreath! Or drape your vanity mirror in a festive garland! No matter how you incorporate evergreen into the bathroom, it will bring the feeling of the season along with it!

This is a great way to add decorations without wasting counter or floor space.

Great for small bathrooms, this simple technique can accommodate any style, from lavish to minimal.

Raid Your Own Decorations!

There’s no need to spend specifically for the bathroom. Just go through all the decorations you’ve already dragged out of storage and repurpose!

Have a few extra tree ornaments you’re not sure what to do with? Hang them along your shower curtain rings for a little cheer.

Or Keep It Basic!

If you want a little holiday cheer in the bath without going all out, make some simple changes.

Sometimes simply switching a few white towels for red ones and adding touches of greenery to the bathroom will give it a festive look.

You could also get a Christmas themed shower curtain! Then one quick swap gives you a big visual difference!


You don’t have to completely revamp the bath, but our little tips could help make it cheery for your holiday guests! Do you have any of your own suggestions to make the bathroom festive? Drop ’em in the comments and share!