Rock Your Remodel!

We talk a lot about bathroom style trends, and we’ve recently come across one that is – quite literally – rocking!

The Bucks County Courier Times reports on ways that technology and materials are changing the bathroom, with some of the best new designs coming from Europe (with images via Pinterest)!

First up…

Lets’s Rock!

Stone and stone looks in porcelain or quartz are covering walls and floors. But stone also is prominent in sink design, especially in integrated models.

But stone (and faux stone) are showing up all over the bathroom!

We really love this modern take on an earthy, rustic look!

There also are cantilevered versions that place surfaces on different levels, some even mixing media like wood or colored laminates.

Stylish Shapes!

The shapeliest of shapes, of course, have come in bathtub design. Architectural or sculptural, angular or curvy, asymmetrical or not, many of the designs are freestanding.

For awhile, the trend was to get rid of the bathtub altogether in favor of a larger shower. Now that tubs, particularly freestanding soaking tubs, are making a comeback, it’s nice to see an artistic element come into play.

Up in the Air!

Levitation is in!

Wall-hung toilets, most popular overseas, are catching on here as well. And most who own them applaud the practicality — especially for cleaning.

That might be the greatest selling point of these toilets… it’s ridiculously easy to clean the floor under and around them! No more wedging yourself into the gap beside the sink to try to clean the tiny space behind the toilet!

Plus, floating vanities are gaining traction. It’s most definitely a visual boost for smaller spaces, where conventional cabinets seem heavy and, in some cases, problematic when they’re squished into small areas that don’t allow much room for maintenance.

What do you think? Ready to rock your remodel? Let us know in the comments!