Work Your Style AROUND the Tile!

Tile is one of the top choices for the bathroom, and for good reasons! It’s easy to clean and durable.

Maybe too durable.

You see, tile can last for decades, which is both a feature and a flaw. Because tile remains unchanged for years upon years, it’s cost effective over the long run. But also because tile remains unchanged for years upon years, we always caution against trendy styles.

We mean… think back to some of the clothes you wore proudly (and publicly) in decades past. 80’s, anyone?

You can be a slave to fashion in your clothing choices… most of us don’t keep the same clothes for decades. But removing and replacing tile isn’t as simple as painting or removing ugly wallpaper. Or buying a new wardrobe.

…Don’t pick out the bell-bottoms of tile.

Now Architectural Digest suggests that you can not only learn to live with your “retro” tile, you might even like it.

A bathroom plastered with pastel-hued tile circa the 50s and 60s is the stuff of nightmares for design lovers. It’s just so incredibly pink (or green or blue). While you’re probably itching to tear it all down, fast, there are actually a few tricks to making retro tilework palatable—perhaps even lovable.

Now we’re experts with a bathtub… but when it comes to style, we admit that we’re not prepared to question real experts like the folks at AD. So what do they recommend?

No matter what you do, old-school tile will always be over the top, so you might as well embrace its loud personality and let it be the star of the show.

For everything but the tile stick with crisp, clean, and minimalist. Subdue a Mamie Pink bath from the 50’s with cool white paint and silver accessories.

Or soften harsh black and white with pale color, and keep a monochromatic theme through your accessories for a refreshing and polished look.

We admit, we may have been a little too absolute in our opinion on trendy tile. These bathrooms look really nice.

But what would really impress us is if someone could make that first bathroom (remember the 80’s nightmare?) somehow seem stylish again!

You’d have better luck bringing back the mullet.