Bathroom Makeover Tips for Renters!

Most bathroom remodeling advice is geared toward home owners. It makes sense because renters typically don’t have the freedom to make big changes… but renting your home shouldn’t mean you’re stuck with an ugly bathroom! We’ve got tips, via Architectural Digest, for “renter-friendly bathroom upgrades”.

…with a handful of thoughtful, impermanent upgrades—and some definitely necessary deep cleaning—the room will look so nice you might finally let someone other than your cat see it.

Remember, you don’t have to use all of these ideas. But a few minor changes can change the aesthetic of the room without breaking your lease!

Get rid of grout gunk

Nothing looks worse in a bathroom than grungy grout. Scrub it with a toothbrush and cleanser or baking soda.

But if the coloring is beyond repair, consider painting right over it with tile grout paint. You can even find it in handy roller brushes and pens that make bright white (or gray, or black) application a cinch.

Take a seat

Changing the toilet seat is quick and easy, and most landlords buy a new one for each tenant anyway. There’s a huge variety, from novelty to finished wood.

Change your head

Your shower head, that is. It’s a quick upgrade that can make your bathroom more pampering.

And if the one you like doesn’t match your faucet and toilet paper holder, try spray-painting it—with toothpicks in the holes so they don’t clog up.

Softening touches

Add rich, luxuriant softness and texture with fabrics. Shower curtain, rugs, and towels bring color and personality along with warmth and comfort.

The little things

Cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, switch plates, towel rods and toilet paper holders are often overlooked, but are an inexpensive way to make a big visual impact.

…these are the features that often cause an otherwise inoffensive space to look cruddy, and they’re easily swapped out.

And the best part of all these temporary upgrades? They’re exactly that… temporary! Just hold on to the original items (except for the toilet seat) and switch them back when you move!